Eddy Complete

$2,495 USD

Includes both a simulation and render license, granting full access to all Eddy features - simulation, rendering, and volumetric compositing.

Also includes a bonus batch license.

Annual upgrade plan: $995 USD *



$1,495 USD

Grants access to all simulation related functionality and generation of cache files.

Annual upgrade plan: $595 USD *


$995 USD

Grants access to all rendering related functionality, including volumetric compositing and reading of cache files.

Annual upgrade plan: $395 USD *


$695 USD

Restricted for non-interactive usage, enabling execution of scene files on a farm.

Annual upgrade plan: $275 USD *


All licenses are perpetual and are available as floating or node-locked options.

* The annual upgrade plan is included in the purchase price for the first year. It must be purchased in subsequent years to keep your software up-to-date.


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