Eddy Engine allows the instantiation of all functionality via C and Python API. It provides studios with the ability to integrate Eddy more seamlessly into any studio pipelines or software.

Eddy for Nuke has been integrated via the very same C API. It works by generating an Eddy graph, serializing the application’s native properties into Eddy node properties and then executing a dependency graph evaluation engine.

Eddy Engine functionality is separated into Simulation and Rendering licenses as well, making it more granular and ensuring the right license is consumed for the specific task at hand.


  • C API

  • extensive Python API bindings to nodes and simulation algorithms.

  • Ability to instantiate any Eddy node and ability to execute complex node graphs.

  • Ability to write custom nodes via Python and integrate them via Eddy’s template system.

  • Customise Color space operations.

  • Documentation


  • A high speed compiler with python syntax generating optimized code to run natively on the GPU.

  • Customize and extend existing rendering shaders.

  • Extend field operators that run at optimized performance.