Eddy For Nuke 2.0.1

We are happy to announce Eddy for Nuke 2.0.1 has now been officially released, it should now be available to download from your client portal. This version has major changes under the hood, with a mostly rewritten core which has allowed us to fix some long-standing issues and also provide a more solid foundation going forward.

New feature highlights and improvements:

  • Nuke 11 builds now available.

  • Improved substepping quality on animated emitters and colliders.

  • General performance and stability improvements.

  • Eddy API is now available. This includes a full Python and C API allowing the Eddy Engine to be ran outside of Nuke, integrated into other packages, scripted, and customized nodes to be created.

  • Improved licensing model, simulation and rendering licenses are now available separately.

  • SunSky node to create physically based environment maps for the sky which can be used for IBL.

  • FieldDebug node for numerical visualization.

  • Visualizer crop window improvements.

  • Tooltips and other UI improvements.

  • Elements have ‘Quality’ mode for an even higher quality simulation.

  • Elements now support additional field input plugs for advanced control of simulation parameters.

  • Element has min/max substeps.

  • MeshToVolume and ParticleToVolume improvements

    • Optimizations and re-designed UI

    • Better interpolation behaviour for voxelized mesh channels.

    • Mesh velocity channel improvements

  • Expression fields to allow custom fields to be written in either EddyScript or C++.

  • Expression shaders allow custom shaders to be written in either EddyScript or C++.

  • Filter node to apply blur filters to fields.

  • Volume instancing mechanics have been improved.

  • Miscellaneous new nodes: E_TransformField, E_SetBounds, E_ExtractBounds, E_Rasterize.