Eddy is a sparse volume simulation and physically-based rendering software implemented in Nuke, running exclusively on the GPU. It has enabled Weta Digital to iterate quickly, with extraordinary artistic control, while working on shots in the final stage of their production pipeline.

Weta has been using Eddy for two years and it is being used increasingly on shows. It stands up to heavy production requirements, from generating elements and populating libraries in pre-production, to the final delivery deadline. They say it is the fastest software to iterate and revise last-minute look-dev changes on what has traditionally been the slowest part of the VFX pipeline: volume rendering.

Eddy is implemented in Nuke and runs within the shot context, so Weta’s VFX supervisors are able to give notes directly on the final output without having to wait for a simulation or lighting changes to go through the pipeline.


Avengers: Infinity Wars

Take a look how Eddy was used to create atmospherics and simulations on Titan.


MorTAL EnGines

Take a peak how Eddy helped to bring a steampunk spectacle to life.